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LED Christmas Tree


LED Christmas Tree
This flashing LED mini Christmas tree is not only dead simple to build but the design is also repeatable and very reliable in operation. In fact an ideal last-minute project to brighten up the house or office in the run-up to Christmas.It can sometimes be satisfying for the electronics enthusiast to build something that adds a personal touch to a special occasion. The mini Christmas tree design described here fits the bill and should strike a suitably festive note. This particular flashing Christmas decoration cannot be purchased ready made but needs instead to be assembled. The circuit design is just about as bullet-proof as is possible using a PCB, battery and just a few components. It is aimed at the less experienced constructor.
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Component list
R1 = 10kOhm (black-brown-orange)
R2 = 100kOhm (black-brown-yellow)
C1 = 1nF
D1-D12 = LED, low current (all colours possible except white)
IC1 = 4060
16-way DIL socket for IC1
9-V (PP3/6F22) battery with clip
PCB, order code 010019-1 (see Readers Services page)
Kit of PCB & parts, order code 010019-91
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