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Onboard OBD-2 Analyser

Car diagnostics on the go

Onboard OBD-2 Analyser
You can use the OBD-2 / EOBD diagnostic connector required in all recent cars to read out a lot of interesting data if you have a suitable interface adapter and a notebook computer. An even more practical solution is to use the stand-alone analyser described here, which can be used as a hand-held unit or fitted in your car. Diagnostic data is evaluated using an ATmega16 and shown on an LCD with four rows of 20 characters. Up to eight parameters can be constantly shown on the display while you’re driving. Having this information at your fingertips can be especially handy if you have car trouble.
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Extra info / Update
Construction information for autonomous analyser

Component population changes to ATmega board:

Not required: R1, K4, K6, S1, D1, JP1, JP3 and JP4 (do not fit), JP2 = wire link

Additionally required:

S3 = pushbutton (1 make contact) between PA0 and +5 V

Case, e.g. Bopla Unimas U160, size 160/133/75 mm

Programmed ATmega Controller, order code 050176-42 (HEX file contained in free download 050176-81.zip)

Configuration bits for ATmega: All bits unprogrammed (‘1’) except BOOTSZ0, BOOTSZ1, BODEN and SUT1.

Component population changes to OBD-2 Analyser board:

Do not fit K1; use straight pins version for K2, or do not mount it.

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