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ATM18 Relay Board and Port Expander

Have it all your own way

ATM18 Relay Board and Port Expander
Since time immemorial, people have always wanted to see the effects of their deeds and shown them to others. Among electronics hobbyists and professionals, this often takes the form of wanting to make some action inside a computer visible to the outside world. Today we usually refer to this as ‘regulation and control’ instead of ‘having things your own way’.
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Component list
ATM18 Port Expansion Board # 080357-5
Passive Components
R1 = 4kO7 (SMD shape 0805)
C1 = 100nF (SMD shape 0805)
D1 = BAS40-1 (SMD)
IC1 = 4094 (SMD SO16)
IC2 = ULN2803 (DIL16)
K1 = 4-way pinheader
K2 = 8- way pinheader
K3 = 10-way pinheader
PCB, bare, order code 071035-5, see Elektor SHOP
PCB with SMD parts mounted, order code 071035-95, see Elektor SHOP

ATM18 Relay board # 080357-6
R1-R9 = 4kO7
C1 = 220µF 16V
D1 = 1N4004
D2-D9 = 1N4148
LED1-LED9 = LED, 3mm diam.
JP1 = 10-way SIL socket strip
K1 = DC adapter socket, PCB mount
K3-K10 = 3-way PCB terminal block, lead pitch 5mm
Re1-Re8 = Omron G5LE
PCB, bare, order code 071035-6, see Elektor SHOP
Kit of parts (PCB and all components), order code 071035-72, see Elektor SHOP
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