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RGB LED Driver

High resolution colour control with the AAT3129

RGB LED Driver
Seemingly straightforward projects can turn into a ‘money pit’ or ‘component graveyard’ if you are not careful. This can easily come true if you intend driving colour LEDs in RGB mode with infinitely variable colour mixing and individual control over the brightness of each LED. Conventional control circuitry tends to produce quite bulky systems too. On the other hand, using a microcontroller and a specialised IC keeps the space footprint under control and eliminates all the uncertainties...
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• RGB LED driver module for universal application
• Straightforward serial control
• Operating voltage from 2.7 V upwards thanks to charge pumps
• LED maximum current (total) 40 to 180 mA
• 4,096 colours
• 16 stages of total brightness
• Low-interference operation at constant frequency
• Flicker-free illumination thanks to 1 MHz PWM frequency
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