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R32C Application Board

Ready-to-use 32-bit microcontroller and OLED display

R32C Application Board

We recently announced that we would bring you an R32C starter kit project, including not only its own power supply, I2C and SD card interfaces, but also an OLED display panel. Here we deliver on our promise: see for yourself with our example oscilloscope project!

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Component list

(all SMD0805)
R8 = 0Ohm
R3,R4,R5,R6 = 470Ohm
R7 = 2.4k
R1,R2,R9,R10,R11 = 4.7k
C11 = 10pF
C1,C2,C5,C6,C8,C15–C22 = 1µF 25V (SMD0603)
C3,C4,C7,C9,C10 = 4.7µF 10V (SMD0603)
C14 = 100nF (SMD0603)
C12,C13 = 47µF 16V tantalum (SMD7343)
L1,L2 = 4.7µH (VLF3010AT-4R7MR70)
D1 = NSR0320MW2
D2,D3,D4,D5 = LED, red (SMD0805)
D6 = MBRS130
IC1 = NCP5810D
IC2 = socket: 2 pcs 32-pin SIL socket strip (Fischer SL1 series), R32C processor board comprised in R32C Starter Kit # 080928-91, see below
IC3 = LF33CV
IC4 = PCF8574T
K1 = RJ11 socket
K2 = OLED connector (Hirose FH23-61S-0.3SHW(05))
K3 = DC adaptor socket, PCB mount
K4 = 14-way boxheader
K7,K8 = 20-way DIL socket strip (Fischer BL2 series)
K5,K6 = 32-way SIL pinheader (Fischer SL1 series)
K9 = 10-way SIL pinheader (Fischer SL1 series)
K10 = 6-way SIL pinheader (Fischer SL1 series)
K11 = SD card socket (Multicomp SDCMF-10915W0T0)
S1,S2,S3 = pushbutton
R32C starter kit, Elektor Shop # 080928-91
PCB # 080082-2
* socket for R32C processor board
* all pins available on headers
* power supply via mains adaptor
* three buttons and four LEDs
* 8 digital I/O pins
* 4 analogue inputs
* SD card interface controlled over SPI
* I2C connection
* 2.4 inch OLED panel with integrated controller (240 by 320 pixels), and on-board power supply
* socket for Ethernet and TCP/IP daughter board
* connection for E8a debugger

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