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Dynamic Limiter

(Summer Circuits 2010 article)

Dynamic Limiter

This circuit is a revised version of the Audio Limiter published in the 2002 Summer Circuits edition, which is intended to limit the (possibly excessive) dynamic range of the audio signal from a TV set or DVD player (for example). The original circuit is based on attenuating an excessively strong source signal. Here we take the opposite approach of amplifying the quieter passages. To minimise the typical ‘breathing’ effect of compressors, the control range is limited to only 24 dB.

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Gerber file

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Component list
R1,R5,R6,R10,R14,R18 = 10kOhm
R2,R7 = 13.7kOhm 1%
R3,R8 = 22.6kOhm 1%
R4,R9 = 49.9kOhm 1%
R11,R15 = 1.24kOhm 1%
R12,R16 = 2.94kOhm 1%
R13,R17 = 9.09kOhm 1%
R19,R20 = 100Ohm
R21,R22 = 3.3kOhm
R23,R24 = 18kOhm
R25 = 270kOhm
R26 = 100kOhm
R27,R28,R29 = 1MOhm
R30,R31 = 270Ohm
P1 = 5kOhm trimpot,horizontal

C1,C2,C5–C8,C15–C18 = 100nF ceramic, lead pitch 5mm
C3,C4,C13,C14 = 220µF 25V radial, lead pitch 3mm
C9 = 10nF , lead pitch 5 or 7.5 mm
C10 = 470nF, lead pitch 5 or 7.5 mm
C11 = 2.2µF, lead pitch 5 or 7.5 mm
C12 = 220 n, lead pitch 5 or 7.5 mm

D1,D2 = zener diode 8.2V /1.3W (e.g. NXP BZV85-C8V2)
IC1,IC2 = TL082CN
IC3,IC4 = 4052
IC5 = LM339D
IC6 = 4538
IC7 = 4093
IC8 = 4516

K1,K2,K3,K4 = cinch socket, right angled, PCB mount, type JB0115-B-G (Conrad Electroncis # 736899)
PCB # 090944

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