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Heating System Monitor

Add-on for thrifty consumers

Based on a Labs project | April 2012 | Find it here
Heating System Monitor

Usually you can tell how much energy your heating system has consumed by checking your utilities bill, but what if you want to know how much heat it actually delivered? This clever design from one of our readers measures the actual heat output and doesn’t require any modifications to your central heating system. It also has a built-in control function for the circulation pump, which helps you reduce your environmental impact and keep your bank balance healthy.

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Gerber file

CAM/CAD data for the PCB referred to in this article is available as a Gerber file. Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can exclusively download these files for free as part of their membership. Gerber files allow a PCB to be produced on an appropriate device available locally, or through an online PCB manufacturing service.

Elektor recommends its business partner Eurocircuits as the company of choice for its own prototypes and volume production in selected cases.

Component list

Resistors (SMD 1206)
R2 = 1kOhm
R3,R4,R7,R8,R9,R10,R13,R14,R15,R21,R43,R46,R47,R48,R52,R56,R57,R59,R60,R64,R65 = 10kOhm
R5,R12,R16,R17,R20,R27,R36,R38,R42,R50,R54,R58,R70 = 100kOhm
R6,R49,R51 = 390kOhm
R11,R18,R19,R61 = 1MOhm
R22,R23,R26,R37,R39,R44,R53 = 2.2kOhm
R29 = 1.5kOhm
R30 =47Ohm
R32,R33,R34,R35,R45,R55 = 68kOhm
R62 = 1Ohm
R63 = 150Ohm
R69 = 120Ohm
P17,P18 = 500Ohm (trimpot type 64Y)
P23 = 1kOhm (trimpot type 64Y)
Capacitors (SMD 1206 except C16)
C1 =330nF
C2,C3,C23,C32,C33,C34,C35 = 100nF
C6,C7,C13,C14,C20,C21,C25,C24,C28 = 470nF
C15 = 1µF
C16 = 470µF 16V
C26,C27 = 22pF
C36,C37,C38,C39 = 10µF 16V
L1 = 10µH
U4,U7 = TLC2264 (DIP14)
U5,U6 = LM358 (DIP8)
U8 = MAX487 ECPA (DIP8)
IC1 = ATmega328-20AU (TQFP32-08), programmed, Elektor no. 090328-41
IC2 = 7805 (TO220)
T1,T2 = BC550C (TO92-EBC)
D1,D2 = 1N4148 (SOD106-R)
VL,VL2,RL,RL2,WW,KK = KT110, KT210, KTY11, KTY21, KT130, KT230, KTY13 or KTY23 (SOD23 or TO92-mini, resp.)
D4 = LED (5 mm)
D9, D11, D12, D13, D14 = SD103BW (DO-214BA)
Q1 = 14.7456MHz quartz crystal (HC49U-S)
K1 = relay, bistable (TQ2-L2-12V)
SW1 = micro pushbutton (lead pitch 5mm)
JP4 = 6-pin (2x3) pinheader (lead pitch 2.54mm)
JP3 = jumper (2.54mm)
P24 = 4-pin pinheader and plug (lead pitch 2.54 mm)
P25 = 2-pin pinheader and plug (lead pitch 2.54 mm)
VL,VL2,RL,RL2,WW,KK = 14-pin pinheader and plug, gold-plated (lead pitch 2.54mm) (see text for English labels S, S2, R, R2, CC, HH)
Microphone cable = ML108 (1 x 0.08 mm)
Heat shrink sleeve (1.6mm and 3.2mm)
G1= Aluminium enclosure, like Teko type B4 (143x72x43mm)
PCB standoff (M3)
Nuts (M3)
LED clip (5 mm)
PCB, no. 090328-1

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