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The PCB Prototyper Spreads Its Wings

This compact, professional PCB router has a lot to offer!

The PCB Prototyper Spreads Its Wings

Last month we published the fi rst article on the new PCB Prototyper, a general-purpose PCB router whose relatively low price compared to similar machines makes it suitable for users outside the normal target group of schools and companies. Visitors to the recent Elektor Live! event had an opportunity to see a prototype of the machine and several PCBs produced by the machine. They were all impressed by the quality of the routed PCBs, and more than few hobbyists are probably already thinking about other ways to use the machine for their own purposes (and how to explain this to their spouse).

The PCB Prototyper is more than just a PCB router. As mentioned in the previous article, it is designed to be easily adapted to other tasks. This is refl ected in the modular architecture of the mechanical construction and the software.

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