Jens Nickel
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Here Comes the Bus! (7)

A simple application protocol

Here Comes the Bus! (7)
In this article we describe a simple protocol that allows up to four set-points and corresponding instantaneous values to be transmitted simultaneously. The result is ideal not just for home automation applications, but more generally for measurement and control. Also, for the first time, we look at programming in C with AVR Studio.In previous instalments in this series we presented a simple frame protocol which allowed a payload to be sent from a transmitter to an addressable receiver device.
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Extra info / Update
* Experimental nodes (printed circuit board 110258-1; set of three boards 110258-1C3)
* USB-to-RS485 converter (ready built and tested 110258-91)
* Free software download (firmware in BASCOM and C plus PC software)

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