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Hyperactive LED Xmas Tree

Hyperactive LED Xmas Tree

With elaborate light show and daisy-chain capability

While in the past we usually had to make do with a string of tiny, fragile light bulbs, which would flash at the most, now we can choose from many different types of LED lights with built-in light effects. But as a real electronics enthusiast you can, of course, make one that is much better and more elaborate, such as this Xmas tree which, with 56 LEDs can display an extensive light show lasting more than three-quarters of an hour.

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Controller board
R1,R4,R14 = 4.7kOhm
R2,R3 = wire link
R5 = 330Ohm (optional)
R6–R13 = 680Ohm (820Ohm, 1kOhm, see text)
C1 = 47µF 16V
C2,C3 = 22pF ceramic
D1 = LED, red, 3mm (optional)
IC1 = PIC18F2685-E/SP, programmed
X1 = 24MHz quartz crystal
K1 = DC adapter socket (e.g. Lumberg type 1613 20)
K2 = 2-pin SIL pinheader (optional)
K3 = 5-pin SIL pinheader
K4 = 16 pin-SIL pinheader (or short length of 16-way flat cable)
Optional: pushbutton for mode and reset
PCB # 120634-1 (see [1])

LED board
D1–D56 = high-ef ciency LED, 5mm
K1 = 16-pin SIL pinheader (see K4 controller board)
PCB # 120634-2