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CAN Tester Modern vehicles are moving networks really, with a variety of control units all interconnected via wires and even wirelessly. Many car manufacturers employ the CAN bus (Controller Area Network). CAN is marked by its high degree of immunity to interference. The downside of CAN is its complexity and the inherent difficulty to track down and repair failures. That's one of the reasons why the CAN Tester got developed. Multi-Channel Temperature Logger Logging multiple digital temperature sensors type DS18B20 at the same time? No problem with this 6-channel data logger with built-in Real Time Clock. A keypad is used for controlling the circuit, and a 4x20-character LCD for displaying the necessary information. Data is stored on an SD card, which makes it easy to open for processing on the computer. Audio Switchboard Got a faulty input selector switch on your amplifier? Or are you looking for just a simple but decent selector switch for your sound system? This circuit, built from conventional parts only (i.e. no SMD parts) lets you select four input source. It’s even possible to make two sources active simultaneously without shorting them out.
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