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Solar Panel Voltage Converter for IoT Devices

Yes we CAN exploit indoor lighting

Based on a Labs project | March 2015 | Find it here
Solar Panel Voltage Converter for IoT Devices
This circuit exploits the unique ability of the LTC3129 and LTC3129-1 to start up and operate from an input power source as “weak” as 7.5 µW (microwatts) — making them capable of operating from small, low-cost solar cells with indoor light levels less than 200 lux.
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* Stores energy from indoor lighting
* Solar panel Vout 5 V typ., 42 µA
* Input power down to 7.5 µW usable
* 3.2 V typical out
* Choice of LTC3129 or LTC3129-1 converter IC, board configurable for either
* Easily configurable for many output voltages
* Optional backup battery
* Optional super-charge capacitor
* Ready-assembled unit with LTC3129-1 fitted, 3V3, MPPC mode.
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Component list
Component List
R1 = 2.26M? 1%, 0.063W, 0603 *
R2,R6 = 2.43M? 1%, 0603 (R2*)
R3,R5 = 4.22M? 1%, 0603 (R5*)
R4 = 4.99M? 1%, 100mW, *
R7 = 2.2M? 1%, 0603 *
R8–R12 = 0?, 0603 *

C1,C2 = 22nF, 25V, 0603
C3,C4 = 10pF, 25V, 0603
C5,C6 = 2.2µF, 25V, 0603
C7 = 470µF, 6.3V, case D
C8 = 22µF, 10V, 0603
C9 = 4.7µF, 25V, 0603
C10 = 0.47F, 5.5V, Super Capacitor, radial

IC1 = LTC3129EMSE#PBF or LTC3129-1 *
T1 = FDC6312P (Newark/Farnell # 1700713)
D1 = BAT54WS-E3-08

L1 = 4.7µH 20%, SMD

BAT1 = Lithium Battery, CR2032, coin cell, 3V, 20mm, with PCB mount holder
K1,K2 = 2-pin pinheader
Solar panel, AM-1815CA, 58.1x48.6mm (Panasonic)
PCB # 130560-1 v. 1.0 from Elektor Store
Ready assembled unit, # 130560-91 from Elektor Store. Version: LTC3129-1, 3.3V out, MPPC, battery excluded.

* Component, value and/or use subject to user configuration; see text.

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