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MIDI Analyzer

MIDI In/Out module for Arduino and friends

MIDI Analyzer
Once again our kitchen website at proves a valuable source of inspiration: original poster (OP) ‘midi-rakete’ followed up a project he had had published twenty years ago in Elektor with an updated version, the MIDI Channel Analyzer MkII.
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Component list
Component List

R1,R2,R3,R4 = 220?
R5 = 1k?

D1 = 1N4148
LED1 = LED, green, 3mm
IC1 = 6N137, DIP8 (incl. socket)

K1,K3 = DIN socket, PCB mount, 180°
K2 = 10-way (2x5) boxheader, 0.1” pitch
K4 = 5-way pinheader receptacle, 0.1” pitch
K5 = 2-way screw terminal block, 0.2” pitch
PCB # 150169-1 v1.0

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