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Platino Solder Station

An SMD solder station made from bits and pieces!

Platino Solder Station
Thanks to the versatility of the Platino board, the solder station PCB circuit is very simple. The circuit consists of a Low-noise amplifier to boost the temperature sensor signal and a power MOSFET to switch power to the heating element.
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Component list
Component List
Solder Station

All 5%, 0.25W
R1,R5 = 5.6k?
R2 = 100k?
R3 = 100?
R4 = 68k?
R6 = 1k?
R7 = 4.7k?
R8 = 2.2k?

C1,C2 = 10nF, 0.1” pitch
C3,C4,C7 = 100nF, 0.2” pitch
C5 = 1000µF 50V, 0.3” pitch
C6 = 470µF 50V, 0.2” pitch

D1 = 1N5408
T1 = IRF9540
T2 = BS170
IC1 = 7805
IC2 = OPA2336

K2 = 8-pin pinheader, 0.1” pitch, straight
K3 = 12-pin pinheader, 0.1” pitch, straight
K1,K4 = not used
K5 = 3-way PCB screw terminal block, 0.2” pitch
K6 = 2-way PCB screw terminal block, 0.2” pitch
DIP8 IC socket for IC2
Solder tip, Weller RT series [1]
3.5-mm stereo jack, cable socket
Bopla case type 2616 (Newark/Farnell 127479)

Component List

All 5%, 0.25W
R3 = 47?
R4,R5,R6,R7,R10,R12 = 10k?
R11 = 4.7k?
P1 = 10k? trimpot, horizontal

C5,C6 = 100nF, 0.2” pitch

L1 = 10µH

IC1 = ATmega328P-PU, programmed (Elektor Store # 140107-41)
T1 = BC547C

S5A = rotary encoder with integrated pushbutton
K2,K6 = 6-pin pinheader, 0.1” pitch, straight
K3 = 6-way (2x3) pinheader socket, 0.1” pitch, straight
K5 = 8-way (2x3) pinheader socket, 0.1” pitch, straight
K9 = 16-way (2x3) pinheader socket, 0.1” pitch, straight
LCD1 = LCD, alphanumeric, 2x16** (Elektor Store # 120061-74)
DIP28-narrow IC socket
*See [3] for details on Platino.
** See ELPP: https://github.com/ElektorLabs/PreferredParts
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