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Camelback Water Level Indicator

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Camelback Water Level Indicator
‘camelback’ rucksacks are specially designed to contain a collapsible water bag with a tube and mouthpiece. Sadly with the water tank on your back it’s not easy to tell how much there’s left to drink. With our solar-charged level indicator though you’re good to go Into the Wild, come rain or snow.
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Component list
Component List
Default: 5%, 0.125W, 0805
R1 = 820Ohm
R2 = 100kOhm
R3 = 820kOhm
R4 = 10kOhm
R5,R6,R7,R8,R9 = 3.3kOhm
P1 = 100kOhm trimpot, SMD
C1 = 100nF 5%, 50V, 0805
C2 = 270pF 5%, 50V, 0805
C3,C4,C5 = 1µF 10%, 16V, 0805
LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5 = LED, green, low current, 0805
IC1,IC2 = 74HC4060 (SOIC-16)
IC3 = XC6206P332MR (SOT23-3)
IC4 = MAX1551
Solar panel 5V, 150mW
4.2V cellphone Li+ battery
PCB 140375-1 V1.0
Two adhesive copper strips, length 15-20cm

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