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Android I/O Board (2)

Control embedded electronics from your Android phone or tablet

Android I/O Board (2)
In this installment the Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and USB-Host modules are described. We'll also show you how the Android I/O board can be controlled via an app. As an example, we're going to create an app for the exposing and etching of circuit boards.
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Component list
Component List
R1,R2,R3,R6 = 100Ohm
R4,R5 = 10kOhm
RE1,RE2,RE3 = S202S01 solid-state relay
BZ1 = active piezo buzzer
K1 = 8-pin pinheader, 0.1’’ pitch
NTC1,NTC2 = 2-pens pinheader, 0.1’’ pitch
4 pcs 2-way PCB terminal block, 0.2’’ pitch, 230VAC rated, LIGHT, HEATER1 and HEATER2
2 pcs NTC 10kOhm

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