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  • Published in issue 3/2018 on page 100
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Timers for the Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat

Seven channels with atomic accuracy

Timers for the Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat
Indeed, why limit the Elektor Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat to the desktop? As it is, the device is already capable of controlling the heating system in your home but if we add some features to it, it will be even better suited for this task. For instance, a timer, and especially one that can be programmed for every day of the week, is a great extension for controlling the temperature in your home. Besides adding timers we will also add the possibility to disable the temperature sensor to allow the thermostat to act as a pure timer with Internet connectivity.
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Extra info / Update
* New firmware adds seven timers
* Workday & Weekend mode
* Up to seven single-shot events anytime in the future
* Up to seven daily events
* Temperature sensor can be disabled
Component list
From the Store
160631-1: Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat bare PCB
160100-92: ESP-12F ESP8266-based Wi-Fi module
080213-71: USB/TTL Serial converter, 5 V
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