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10-MHz Reference

with satellite precision

10-MHz Reference
Every now and then it would be nice if you had a stable signal available, the frequency of which was known exactly. For example, to finally calibrate your frequency counter properly, or as a reference when working on radio frequency circuits, or — well, anything else for that matter, since a good reference will come in handy sooner or later.Not all that long ago this was quite a difficult problem. For simple hobby purposes you could just use an ordinary crystal — but no crystal oscillates at the exact frequency that is marked on its housing (although… years ago I bought, for not even 20 euros from a now long-vanished department store, a quartz watch the crystal of which happened to be ground so well that the magnitude of the error was about a minute per year) and in addition, the frequency is temperature sensitive.
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Extra info / Update
* 1-MHz and 10-MHz outputs
* Locks in 5 to 10 minutes with the GPS signal after identification of 3 satellites
* Accuracy 1:1010 under ideal circumstances
Component list
From the Store
* GPS board (article number 15192)
* GPS antenna (article number 17109)
* PIC multiprogrammer (article number 13995)
* TL866A universal programmer (article number 17985)
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