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Scrolling Message Display

512 LEDs controlled over Wi-Fi via an ESP-12F

Based on a Labs project | February 2018 | Find it here
Scrolling Message Display
This project lets you scroll text on a bank of eight 8 × 8 LED matrix displays. It uses a Wi-Fi module of type ESP-12F (based on the ESP8266), programmable with the Arduino development environment. Thus, from a smartphone or any other device that uses Wi-Fi, it is possible to send to an ESP8266 web server the text to display, the scrolling speed and the brightness.
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Tags Wi-Fi, LED matrix, ESP-12
Construction time
3 hours approx.
PC, soldering iron with fine bit
€50 /$60 / £45 approx.
Component list
Component List
Default: 5%, 0.1W, 150V, SMD 0805
R1 = 220Ohm
R2 = 330Ohm
R3*,R4* = 10kOhm
R5* = 100kOhm
R6 = 10kOhm
R7* = 220Ohm
C1,C7,C9–C16 = 100nF, 50V, X7R, SMD 0805
C2 = 10µF, 16V, Panasonic FK Series
C3* = 100µF, 16V, Panasonic FK Series
C4,C5,C6,C8 = 100µF, 16V, Panasonic FK Series
D1 = 1N4007 (1000V, 1A)
IC1 = LM3940IMP-3.3 LDO regulator, SOT-223-3 case
LED1 = green, 3mm
LED2 = yellow, 3mm
MOD1 = ESP-12F Wi-Fi module
MOD2–MOD9 = FC-16 8× 8 LED matrix with MAX7219
BZ1 = buzzer, 5VDC, 12mm
F1 = 2A fuse, type 1206
JP1,JP2,JP3 = 2-way jumper pins, 0.1” pitch
K1 = 6-pin pinheader, 0.1” pitch
K2** = DC power connector, female, 2.35mm, 4A (MJ-180-PH)
K3* = PCB screw terminal block, 0.15” pitch, elbow
K3'* = plug-in terminal block, 0.15” pitch
MOD2–MOD9 = board-to-board connector, 5-way, 0.1” pitch, D01-9922046
MOD2–MOD9 = IC-type socket, 5-way, 0.1” pitch, D01-9972042
Power supply 5V/2A with 2.35 mm plug
Printed circuit board, Elektor Store ref. 160491-1
* Components not used in this project; reserved for other functions
** Attention: rated for 4A; not a standard connector!
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