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DAB on a Dongle Stick

Free software turns cheap DVB-T USB sticks into DAB radios

DAB on a Dongle Stick
Since the switch-off of DVB-T and its replacement by DVB-T2 there have been long faces in several European countries where the original digital terrestrial television standard has been superseded. At a stroke, TVs and set-top boxes equipped only for DVB-T became useless junk and had to be replaced by new T2-compatible models. But one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure: masses of USB sticks capable of receiving only DVB-T were rendered obsolete and are consequently ludicrously cheap now (check out eBay). Using special software by the name of many of these ’dongle sticks‘ can be turned into SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices that provide extremely passable DAB radio reception.
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