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Showtime — fever rising

Showtime — fever rising
My job as a magazine maker is a one-man band activity, meaning my annual holidays are dictated by the non-discussable print dates of two two-monthly publications. This summer I had to spend a lot of time in the office as a pilot user of a new editorial production system. By mid September a window of opportunity opened and I was finally able to have a 14-day vacation. On my return from lovely Austria the schedules said I had one week to finish the edition now in your hands — as always choc a bloc with articles that should appeal to beginners and old hands alike. I’m sure you have a professional interest in electronics, like me and most of my colleagues here at Elektor Labs. If so, at this point you should have serious symptoms of electronica fever. The “world's leading trade show on electronics” is held every two years in Munich and expected once again to break all records for visitors and exhibitors, this year between 13 to 16 November. Elektor doesn't have a back seat either — in hall C5 [read on...]
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