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Air Pollution Monitor

Any smokers hiding in the toilet?

Air Pollution Monitor
The quality of the air we breathe should be of deep concern to all of us. We all know that airborne dust particles keep asthma sufferers awake at night, but the levels of certain gasses are equally important. This project measures the level of air contaminant gasses, and sounds an alarm when their concentration exceeds a certain level, for instance when someone lights a cigarette…
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Component list

Component List


R1,R2 = 10kΩ

R3,R4 = 1kΩ

R5,R6,R7 = 220Ω


C1 = 100nF


D1 = BAT85

IC1 = TGS2600

LED1,LED2,LED3 = red, 3mm diam.

T1 = BS170


BUZ1 = PS1420P02CT

K1,K2 = 17-way pinheader socket, 0.1" pitch (for ESP32 Pico Kit)

S1 = tactile-feedback switch, PCB mount, 6x6 mm



PCB # 170182-1 (Elektor Store)

ESP32 Pico Kit (Elektor Store)

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