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Upgrade for the 3-way Display Alarm

Better accuracy using a retrofit RTC

Upgrade for the 3-way Display Alarm
A clock that doesn’t keep good time is annoying. This is especially true if it’s an alarm clock; it may look nice on the bedside table but if it runs too fast or slow then it’s failed in its primary function. There are however, ways the situation can be remedied… here we will show how to retrofit a more accurate and tiny Break-Out-Board (BoB) in place of the 8-pin DIL type DS1302 RTC chip used in many electronic clock designs to provide time information.
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Component list

Component list


C1 = 100nF, SMD 0603



IC1 = DS1302, SOIC8

X1 = ASH7KW, 32.768 kHz, SMD



2 x 4-way. round-pin headers, 1/10“, see text

PCB # 180620-1 v1.2

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