$199 portable 4-channel mini oscilloscope

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
$199 portable 4-channel mini oscilloscope
$199 portable 4-channel mini oscilloscope

Nearly two years ago the Chinese company Seeed Studio surprised us with their ‘Nano’ mini-DSO scope priced under $100. Seeed Studio have now expanded their range of instruments with a 'bigger' model, the DSO Quad.


After lots of feedback from DSO Nano users yet another ultra-portable oscilloscope was developed with virtually the same size as its little brother, though boasting better specifications and more features.


As the name suggests the new Quad DSO is a four-channel instrument, although there are not actually four analog inputs. In fact, there are two analog and two digital input channels, which is still a big improvement over the Nano with its single input. Furthermore, the sampling frequency has been upped to a maximum of 72 Msamples/s. In addition, the DSO Quad has built a signal generator. 2 MB of internal memory is available to store measured signals via a USB connection, allowing data to be transferred to a PC. Like the Nano, the Quad is completely open-source allowing users to customize or extend the firmware themselves,


The DSO Quad is offered at a price of $199 and comes with two digital probes and 2 oscilloscope probes.

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