Harmonising step by step

The Nordic Balance Settlement has the potential to be held up as an electrifying example for the European Union. Although quite some differences have to be ironed out, the developments look promising.

Reiner Gatermann gives a detailed overview of the initial requirements concerning the Nordic Balance Settlement to establish a common power retail market. Do we indeed recognize in this operation such a role model? It is almost unthinkable that in all European member states - or at least a majority - systems in whatever energy sector can be synchronized in one big effort. The differences and national characteristics exclude such an umbrella move. But when countries more or less speak the same language, technically and administratively that is, an integration of processes and systems lies within reach.

The Nordic approach is more than an attempt. It is not even a strategy but a serious policy to harmonize markets to the advantage of all concerned and customers preferably in the first place. If it succeeds and the prospects look good this example can turn out to be accepted but now as a strategy for other unifying activities. One step after another and starting with small ensembles of countries. It would be a more organic development with a touch of autopoiesis.