Raspberry Pi without the Spaghetti

July 7, 2014 | 08:02

When you start hooking peripherals such as keyboard, WiFi dongle and mouse to a Raspberry Pi it’s not long before you run out of ports and need a USB hub, preferably powered so that it can supply the RPi as well. At this point cabling starts to take over your workspace.

The Raspiado board, launched on Kickstarter should help cut down on the tangle; it has the same dimensions as the RPi board and mounts on its underside via two (stackable) standoff pillars to leave the top GPIO and camera connectors open to whatever you're building so that it won’t impede the RPi’s connectivity options.

It is basically a powered USB hub providing five rather than the standard two USB ports. Its optional 4000 mA/ 5 VDC supply has enough power in hand for all the USB devices and the RPi. The board attaches via the RPI’s two mounting holes and connects up via two USB cables for data and power. A DC barrel jack connector is provided for attachment of the mains adapter.

A pledge of $30 gets you the board and mounting hardware, the power adapter can be added for an extra $10.

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