Official RPi case

July 18, 2015 | 02:23
The official Raspberry Pi case
The official Raspberry Pi case
Eben Upton and the team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been busy fashioning a smart new case that fits the RPi 2 and the B+ model. So far the two-tone case only seems to be available in one color scheme: it's summer, imagine a raspberry ice lolly or popsicle with a white chocolate coating and I think you get the picture.

The Pi is such a versatile general purpose processing unit that it’s probably impossible to contrive a single universal case suitable for every application. Here they have achieved a good result; functioning as a PC-in-a-box or in a stand-alone application, the new case is a tidy solution, protecting the Pi and providing access to all the ports. Sections of the case can also be easily removed when the Pi is used for other types of application which require access to the GPIO headers and other board connectors.

For the team the design and production of the ABS injection molded case was new territory, in fact the Raspberry Pi Official Case documents some of the trials and tribulations the team went through before they finalized the design and ended up with a product that they admit to being proud of. The case retails for 6 UK pounds or $9 US.

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