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News Byte: AIfES, 5G, and more

Arduino AI Framework Library

Want to run artificial intelligence (AI) applications on resource-constrained microcontrollers? Fraunhofer IMS’s AI for Embedded Systems, or AIfES, is a standalone, high-efficiency artificial intelligence (AI) framework that enables just that. Arduino recently announced that AIfES for Arduino is now available for non-commercial use. “AIfES, with Arduino’s support, is now available for the Arduino IDE using the Arduino Library Manager,” Arduino posted earlier this month. “This technology allows the development of small, self-learning, battery-powered devices that can be independent of a cloud or another device.” Want to learn more about AIfES? Check out the Arduino library manager.

EU Wearable Market Looks Flashy

In Q1 2021, the wearable market in Europe grew 33% compared with the same period in 2020, according to IDC. Between January and March, 22.0 million units were shipped to the region. The top three wearable companies were Apple (35.6% market share), Samsung (16.1% market share), and Xiaomi (11.5% market share). Which wearable devices are predicted to lead the way in the coming few years? Earwear could total 60.3% of the market by 2025, while watches could hold 27.8% market share and wrist bands could surpass 11% market share.

5G in 1,662 Cities

Curious about the state of 5G and its rollout? Viavi Solutions’s new report indicates that 5G service has bee been extended to more than 300 cities since January 2021. “The new total — 1,662 cities across 65 countries — represents an increase of more than 20 percent during 2021 to date,” it claims while point out that more than one-third of countries in the world now have at least one 5G network. So which countries have the most cities with 5G coverage? China leads with 376 cities, followed by the United States with 284, and the Philippines with 95. “The APAC region remains in the lead with 641 cities, closely followed by EMEA at 623. The Americas region lags behind at 398 cities.”

EU/US to Drive 2021 iPhone Production

If the pandemic continues to ease in Europe and the United States this year, iPhone sales could take off and grow by more than 12%. The next series of iPhones, which is slated for release this fall, is likely to contribute to the growth, which could reach 223 million units, TrendForce reports. What will the new iPhone be called? You’ve likely heard the rumors. For a few months, many have speculated “12s,” but more recently we’ve read about the “iPhone 13.” What do you think?

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