AISLER, the electronics industry’s most affordable electronics manufacturing service, announced at the World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF 2021) its plans to ship the first world-wide carbon neutral circuit board by the end of 2022. That way, AISLER aims to be at forefront of decarbonating the development process of the electronics products of tomorrow.

Starting next year, AISLER will use its service to reduce the impact on the environment. “By design we have a much lower carbon-footprint because we only manufacture locally. To make this affordable, we employ automation which allows us to achieve best in class production yields and lower costs. This alone however does not save us; everyone in our society needs to identify how we can jointly contribute to a carbon-neutral future,” said Felix Plitzko, CEO and Co-Founder of AISLER.   
  AISLER plans to ship its first carbon-neutral circuit boards at the end of 2022 with its Beautiful Boards product. Together with the German Fraunhofer IZM, AISLER will first sum-up their carbon-footprint, to then identify proper measures to reduce the product footprint down to 0.  

AISLER serves engineers as a convenient one-stop-shop for circuit boards, parts, stencils and assembly to develop the products of tomorrow.

“The best way we can contribute is to help our customers with decarbonating their development process. With nearly 50,000 engineers as our customers, this is where we as a company have the best leverage and can contribute the most. The engineer should be in the driver seat of their supply chain and make their environmental contribution as easy as a snap,” Plitzko further elaborated. AISLER also plans to go fully carbon-neutral by the end of 2023. 

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Felix Plitzko Aisler
Felix Plitzko, CEO and Co-Founder of AISLER
AISLER – a KATEK brand – provides Powerful Prototypes for the electronics industry. We allow engineers world-wide to rapidly prototype their ideas and build amazing products. By bundling PCBs, parts and stencils, and streamlining the order process, engineers can focus all their energy on their creative process. AISLER is headquartered in the Netherlands with branches across Europe and the USA. It delivers Powerful Prototypes to customers in more than 120 countries. Visit for more information.   

About the World Ethical Electronics Forum  

The World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF) brings inspiring global innovators in electronics together to openly discuss about ethics and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It gives electronics industry thought leaders a platform to speak about key ethics-related topics. On November 18, 2021, moderators Stuart Cording (Elektor) and Johann Wiesböck engaged professional engineers, influential makers, politicians, academics, and high-tech executives interested in talking about a wide range of topics.  

About KATEK   

The KATEK Group is a leading European electronics company offering hardware and software development, prototyping and manufacturing, and related services in the market for high-end electronics or electronics services. The KATEK Group currently employs over 2,600 employees* in Germany and Eastern Europe. CEO is Rainer Koppitz and CFO is Dr. Johannes Fues. For more information about KATEK, please visit  

About Fraunhofer IZM

As part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer IZM specializes in applied and industrial contract research. Fraunhofer IZM’s focus is on packaging technology and the integration of multifunctional electronics into systems. The institute has a staff of more than 430 and saw a turnover of 35.7 million euros in 2019, of which 41.8 percent was earned through contract research. Fraunhofer IZM has three sites in Germany. Apart from its headquarters near Berlin Mitte, the institute is also represented in Dresden and Cottbus, strategically important centers for electronic development and manufacturing.

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