During these turbulent times, it can be difficult to keep up with all the electronics industry news. Elektor is here to help. This week we update you about a possible $30 billion AMD-Xilinx deal, 2020 5G smartphone sales numbers, coporate security news, 2020 TV panel shipments, and more. 
electronics news byte: AMD-Xilinx Deal and More

Will an AMD-Xilinx Deal Happen?
Over the past few days, we've seen updates on various new sites about AMD's possible acquisition of Xilinx. The news seems to point to AMD's interest in AI and the data center market, and the deal could be worth $30 billion, Wall Street Journal reports. We will keep an eye on the discussions around the possible acquisition. Whether or not the deal goes through, it is clear that the big players in the industry continue to show strong interest AI technology and its potential, which is positive news for the many start-ups and young companies focused on AI and machine learning.
Global 5G Smartphone Sales Will Hit 250 Million in 2020
5G smartphone sales are on track to set a record in 2020. According to Strategy Analytics, "sales will surge 1,300 percent to a record 250 million units in 2020." The big increase — from 18.2 million units in 2019 to 251 million units in 2020 — is due mainly to the efforts of the big players Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, which control 66% of the global market, Strategy Analysis reports.
Corporate Info Systems Remain Vulnerable
Halloween is only weeks away. Want an early scare? According to a report by Positive Technologies (PT), which conducts penetration tests to assess the security of corporate information systems, 71% of analyzed companies were vulnerable to attacks from even unskilled hackers! And that wasn’t the only frightening news in the report. PT also found that one-sixth of the tested companies already had been attacked by real hackers. In addition, they reported that “the average time for penetrating a local network was four days. In one case, the time needed was only 30 minutes.” So, whether you run a large electronics manufacturing company or a small IoT start-up, now would be a good time to assess your information systems.
2020 TV Panel Shipments to Expected to Drop
This year, TV panel shipments are projected to exceed 267 million units, which is a 6.2% decrease TrendForce reports. Analysts say increases in TV sizes, a slowdown in capacity expansions for panel fabs, and a high demand for IT panels are affecting the market. Furthermore, “the glut ratio of TV panel shipment vs. TV set sell-in this year is projected to reach 24%, which is lower than the 2019 figure of 31%, thereby generating an upward momentum for TV panel prices.”
Conference Updates
The following upcoming events will be virtual:  
Updates on AMD-Xilinx, 5G Smartphone Sales, and More
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