An electric all - terrain vehicle that swings!

January 22, 2016 | 12:00
An electric all - terrain vehicle that swings!
An electric all - terrain vehicle that swings!
An electric All-Terrain vehicle that swings and uses centrifugal force! For some months, I've kept the link to this amazing machine up my sleeve, because it's not primarily electronic, which is what we're supposed to talk about here.....but I decided Elektor readers would love this! (The web page is in French but has some English links.)

You perhaps are already aware of this incredible invention, because its fame is already exploding. It's so unusual and inspiring that you should have a look at the video now! (Video is in French, by Pascale Rambaud, the inventor.)


The principles of the Swincar combine the balance of a longitudinal pendulum with four independently driven wheels on oscillating arms. Insect or spider on wheels to some, dancer-crawler-climber for others, this go-anywhere vehicle, conceived and developed in south-eastern France, leaves no viewer indifferent.

Whatever the lay of the land it drives on and its slope, its articulated cockpit remains upright and it drives straight. Impossible? Impossible is not French!

The speed of the four wheels remains the same whether cornering or on a slope, the power of the motors (600W per motor) adapts to the requirements. They are powered by two batteries of 1KWh (20A/48V). The prototype (in stainless steel) weighs 150Kg, and it can attain 45 Km/h (25Km/h for the road-legal version) and its all-terrain range is 25 to 30 Km (double that on roads). The use of lighter materials is foreseen, and that will extend the range. One should also note the motor braking (useful on descents) and even regenerative braking.

To learn more, refer to this detailed account (in French).
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