Now that Intel has shown the way other big computer companies start to add Arduino-related stuff to their product line too. One of them is Acer, the well-known laptop and other computer stuff manufacturer, who presented the Cloud Professor on the IFA 2015 in Berlin. The Cloud Professor is a plug and play Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit supposed to take the sting out of programming cloud-connected devices.

Born out of a colaboration between Acer, and Seeedstudio the Cloud Professor is an IoT development kit that links into Acer’s cloud platform, allowing users to control various aspects of their connected device via a smartphone or tablet. To make it as simple as possible Acer has developed a set of apps that automatically communicate with the Cloud Professor module. This lets users concentrate on creating cool stuff, rather than mucking about with cloud protocols.

The Cloud Professor kit contains an Arduino Uno board, four Seeedstudio Grove sensor and actuator modules as well as a variety of accessories. Add a mobile device and anyone can do IoT by simply following one of the tutorials for several popular programming languages like Scratch, LiveCode, JavaScript, and C/C++.