April Edition of Elektor Magazine Now Available

March 27, 2014 | 09:22
April Edition of Elektor Magazine Now Available
April Edition of Elektor Magazine Now Available

Spring is in full swing here at Elektor HQ, and we've plenty of projects and a new challenge to keep you from doing any Spring cleaning just yet!

We know how important security is to our readers, and in the information age where every device is communicating with one another it's important to know that you can trust your electronic products not to tell any of your well guarded secrets. That's why Elektor and IntelligentSoC have jointly developed the first secure IoT interface.

The Internet of Things is almost upon us and we've stepped up security with our E-Lock platform which provides secure access and secure connections over the Internet. We're so confident that our E-Lock is unbreakable that we're ready to put our money where our mouth is, to the tune of $25,000!

Your mission: To take over control of a remote E-Lock board located under IP, change the certificate, change the board’s TCP/IP number and activate the relay. You can find out more about how to fully participate and win the $25,000 prize by clicking here.

On top of this thrilling test of your engineering skills, we've got a nifty Motion-Detector Camera Trigger that uses Arduino to keep you safe from prowlers and burglars after your E-Lock winnings! Take pictures using motion detection with just an IR-LED, a few resistors, a capacitor and an Arduino.

We'll also be showing you how to use Elektor’s versatile ‘Platino’ ATmega powered board to make the most of your benchtop power supply and do all of the PSU’s control functions, including its internal V and A regulation and fan control and continuing our ATmega on the Internet series of articles, showing you how to integrate the hardware described in the first part of this series into your home LAN and into the Internet.

Of course, you can expect the great articles we normally provide as well; the monthly Hexadoku puzzle, another scintillating Retronics article on the Atwater Kent Model 30 Radio (1926) and a companion column from Gerard Fonte too!

The April 2014 edition is on sale now in the Elektor Web Store and in selected bookshops and kiosks (subject to transport delays). Elektor GREEN and GOLD members can download their digital copy from the Elektor.Magazine website.

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