Are you interested in Audio Electronics?

November 15, 2016 | 13:45
Are you interested in Audio Electronics? There’s a magazine for that! …and a website! …and a weekly newsletter! audioXpress magazine, and The Audio Voice newsletter are the solution for all your audio needs!

Advancing the Evolution of Audio Technology - Since 1970
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The Leading Global Audio Engineering & Development Magazine and Website
audioXpress is the information source for innovative solutions and technologies in audio electronics, acoustic, and electro-acoustic design for DIY audio enthusiasts, audio product designers, electronic engineers, and audio engineers.

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Increasing coverage of trending topics make audioXpress a must-read! Showcasing audio innovations in audio electronics, electro-acoustics, audio networks, and software design:
• Pro, Consumer, and Commercial Audio
• Review of Technology Trends and Standards
• Test & Measurement
• Digital Audio Networks & Wireless Audio
• Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Science
• Mobile platforms and micro-speakers
• Industry news

Together with Voice Coil, the periodical for the loudspeaker industry; Circuit Cellar, the world’s source for embedded electronics engineering, and our Market Directories and Books, we excel in information for product development and the product design communities.
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