AXICAT: Multipurpose USB-I2C/SPI/1-Wire/UART/GPIO adapter

October 24, 2016 | 08:30
If you are developing an app for a new integrated circuit and you want a fast and easy way to link its breakout board to a Linux or Windows PC, you will love this multipurpose USB-I2C/SPI/1-Wire/UART/GPIO interface adapter named AxiCat. It makes it very easy for you, before using them in an actual design, to connect any of these countless breakout boards to your PC through their I2C or SPI interface. AxiCat comes with a multi-protocol USB adapter, and you don’t have to write any code to use it.


Links to AxiCat: Documents and Software

Features :

  • Multipurpose I/O card with USB interface.
  • For use with Linux PC, Windows PC, single board computers (SBCs).
  • Powerful 12 MHz ATmega164A/324A/ 644A/1284 microcontroller.
  • Selectable 3.3 V and 5 V I/O voltage levels.
  • 17 bidirectional general-purpose I/O pins with programmable pull-up.
  • 2 fully independent serial ports.
  • SPI bus, master function, 4 slave select lines.
  • I2C bus with pull-up resistors, master and slave function, support for repeated start, arbitration, clock stretching, device probing.
  • 1-Wire bus, master function, strong pull-up control, accelerated enumeration and probing of 1-Wire slaves.
  • Truly asynchronous design enables all interfaces to operate concurrently while executing I/O commands back-to-back avoiding inter-command delays.
  • USB bus-powered.
  • Support for USB remote wake-up.
  • Can be used as general-purpose development board for Atmega164A/ 324A/644A/1284 microcontrollers.
  • Integrated bootloader and accompanying software for Linux and Windows enable easy upgrading of firmware and development of own software.
  • Four mounting holes.
  • Prototyping of I2C slave functions.
  • Educational platform for learning and teaching I2C.
  • Allows you to connect Swiss Pi, PiWire+, and other boards to a PC.
  • The AxiCat server program enables network and local access using an easy protocol.
  • Use Python, PHP, C, C++, or other languages to program the card.
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