Battle of the Intelligent Fridges: LG versus Samsung

January 9, 2017 | 00:00
LG Instaview smart fridge @ CES 2017
LG Instaview smart fridge @ CES 2017
At CES 2016 (no typo) Samsung unveiled a smart fridge with a giant 1080p touchscreen attached to it. Exactly one year later at the same show, LG again presents its own smart fridge called “Instaview”. I say “again” because a prototype was already shown at IFA Berlin 2016. My fellow editor Jens in his Bon App-etit editorial piece warned of spy-on-me abilities of a similar Liebherr/Microsoft fridge introduced at the same show.

Like the Samsung fridge — and in fact any intelligent refrigerator we’ve seen so far — Instaview is h-u-g-e and looks like giant vending machine! But then LG goes one step further. While Samsung opted for Tizen to run in its product, LG has gone for Windows 10. That means you can launch all kinds of Windows apps on the fridge, and even classics like MS Paint and Regedit if you desire.

LG is using a 29-inch (!) touchscreen that's also translucent. Some CES visitors said it is “fast and fluid to use”. LG's own Windows 10 apps are designed in, so you can stick and notes to the fridge (for the kids to modify) , you can set a timer, add recipes and healthy information about meals, or simply mark food that you can see through the translucent display. Hey there all you Micros & Embeddos: there’s an Intel Atom processor and 2 GB of RAM inside the Instaview. Bon App-étit v. 2.0!

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