With schools almost out for summer it would appear the ideal time to borrow or steal a BBC micro:bit from your children and get some advanced coding going. But you can have your own computerette now, the device being in stock and available to “other year groups” like 45+, teachers, and hobbyist designers to purchase through selected distributors. Or from Kitronik, one of the 29 partners involved in the launch of the BBC micro:bit.

Kitronic has created a number of micro:bit learning resources that are available for free via the company website. In a comment they said they saw all manner of projects being created by students up and down the country and enthusiasm for the device as a tool to support coding and integrated projects. Judging by the number of orders they received, there is little doubt that teachers are keen to further develop the use of this resource.

Kitronic list The BBC micro:bit at £10.82 (€12.97) plus VAT. The BBC micro:bit is also available from other distributors including Farnell element14, Rapid Electronics and Maplin.

In the forefront of embedded technology for the masses, Elektor already published a number of news items and magazine articles on the BBC micro:bit, including a Review and a Weather Station. Enjoy the summer vacation!