Rohde Schwarz oscilloscope stay tuned

Soon, eXciting things will be revealed. First of a new generation, a combination of eXtremely advanced hardware and eXpanded, superior software, our new engineering achievement is on its way.
With eXtreme speed, it is the world’s fastest solution on the market. Our new generation instrument will provide you with the neXt generation specs for all your future needs. For eXact results, as never seen before, it is the world’s most precise solution. Our new generation instrument will eXtract the most accurate measurements you need, for an easier workday.

Stay tuned for the eXciting reveal and sign up below. 
Essentials MXO4

We will keep you updated with early-bird information and updates around our neXt generation oscilloscope. Furthermore you have the opportunity to win a brand-new instrument. 

Your Rohde & Schwarz Team