Become an Elektor Book Author

April 30, 2014 | 08:13
Become an Elektor Book Author
Become an Elektor Book Author

Elektor has a long history of collaborating with the best and brightest engineers and programmers to create bestselling titles such as Eagle V6 Getting Started Guide, Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects and Android Apps.

We’re always looking for experienced high-end specialist in electronics, hardware, software or a related field to transfer their skills and knowledge into a bestselling Elektor publication. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished author or an aspiring writer, as long as you’re enthusiastic about your chosen field, possess a good writing style and command of the English language.

Combining Elektor’s years of experience with your passion means that you have the freedom to focus on creating the perfect manuscript that will convey the extent of your subject knowledge. We take care of proofreading, layout and logistics, meaning that knowledge of book creation techniques is not necessary to be a successful candidate for publication.

So, why not try us with your own subject proposal?

Initially, we want keen authors to send key preliminary details to our technical publishers for evaluation. Please contact Jacqueline Pijcke at publisher_english[at]elektor[dot]com. Your response must include your name, E-mail address, location, the subject that you wish to write about, and an outline of your publication in chapter structure. Additionally, we’d also like to know who you think would find your subject appealing and why.

Now’s the time to become a published author and see your book sold worldwide! Don’t delay in contacting us with your ideas; we’re excited to read them!

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