How green can energy sources become? This crowd funding project on Indiegogo proposes a system that will obtain the energy for your portable device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) directly from a plant. Not through combustion, but by making clever use of biological processes.

In the pot for the plant there is a system that collects the biological elements that the plant gives off during photosynthesis and uses them in a hybrid chemical/biological cell. Anaerobic micro-organisms in a biomass generate a small current which is collected and can be used to charge small devices. The plant is completely preserved; the substances that are used, are emitted by any plant during photosynthesis anyway.

According to their own information, the Bioo Lite supplies energy day and night and a healthy, medium size plant can produce 2 to 3 charge cycles per day. A larger version, Bioo panel, is supposed to be able to supply 40 Watts from a 1 m2 surface.

The notion of a Power Plant acquires a new meaning.

More information from Indiegogo.