In this webinar, Elektor Engineers Jens Nickel and Mathias Claussen dive into the details of a wide range of wireless-related topics like Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE), Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, FM & 5G. They also answer questions from participants.

Bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer

Our daring engineers Mathias and Jens show how you can turn an evaluation board based on an nRF52840 microcontroller unit (MCU) from Nordic into a Bluetooth Low Energy sniffer, a handy tool for anyone developing and testing Bluetooth applications. The evaluation board in question is the low-cost nRF52840 USB dongle for IoT development from makerdiary.

Besides BLE the presenters also have a look at the technology that made Wi-Fi possible and so very popular. LoRaWAN IoT modules are not forgotten either. Other subjects include 5G, of course, and digital FM receivers or DAB+ radio, the way FM radio broadcasting will work in the future.