Order till the end of the year and benefit several times over: Not only do you get the powerful 6U devices of the EA Industrial Series, but also three strong special offers for free. Make your battery tests and many other applications supercharged for 2024!
EA More Power Deal

Strong power electronics for challenging applications

The EA Industrial Series offers you pure power for your applications: You can bundle up to 300 kW of power in a single rack. In parallel connection of several racks it is even up to 3.48 MW. This makes the EA Industrial Series ideal for many high-performance applications such as battery testing and other inspection operations. Save precious time thanks to this impressive performance!

Three benefits for free

But that's not all: Those who order by the end of the year will benefit three times more. We'll top it off with an extended 5-year warranty, an Anybus communication module, and EA-Power-Control, a software for convenient control of the devices via Windows PC! And all these benefits are provided without a penny of extra costs! But act fast: the offer is only valid until the end of the year. In addition, first come, first served - and the demand is high.

Powerful recovery

The EA Industrial series doesn't just show off its muscles in terms of power. It also offers numerous smart features from which testing specialists benefit in many ways in their daily work. The highly efficient power recovery with an efficiency of up to 96 % feeds power back into the local grid. This saves energy costs in two ways: pure consumption is reduced, and the costs for expensive cooling are eliminated because the heat generated by the devices is also reduced by the power recovery. 

Autoranging and function generator 

Added to this is Autoranging. The principle of operation is quickly explained but offers many advantages. The source automatically offers increased current at lower voltages which maximizes flexibility. This type of solution allows the use of a single source to address multiple voltage and current combinations. The EA Industrial series is rounded off by a function generator that offers many different possibilities: Ramp function, arbitrary generator, LUT and integrated PV characteristic curve.

For future-oriented applications

The EA Industrial series is the ideal solution for demanding industries that push the limits of what is possible a little bit every day. These include tests of batteries and fuel cells, simulations of batteries and solar array systems for inverter test, and the complete discharge of batteries for recycling. Furthermore, EA Industrial series provides power supplies of electrolysis plants, sustainable power electronics for aviation applications and ATE systems and automated process control systems. We are sure that you and your industry will benefit in many ways from the incredible power and the smart features of the EA Industrial series.

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