Lego has copied the Bugatti Chiron sports car in a 1:1 scale. More than 1,000,000 parts were used. 2,304 Lego motors power the model weighing 1.5 tons.
This replica sports car in true size offers space for two people. The model reaches a top speed of 30 km/h and has a power output of 5.3 hp and a torque of 92 Nm. The top speed of the original is 420 km/h, by the way.

 The Lego Bugatti is fitted with a rear spoiler, speedometer, front and rear lights and a removable steering wheel and brake pedal. During the construction 339 different types of technical Lego-elements were used. The design and construction of the model required more than 13,000 working hours.
The Lego Technic Chiron can also be steered. Former racing driver Andy Wallace, who has multiple victories in the 24-hour Le Mans and Daytona races, has tested the Bugatti and was impressed by its accuracy and precision of the model.