The UK government supported Digital Catapult organization is set to launch a LoRaWAN wireless network across London intended to support IoT- and IIOT-based services. The network is free for small and medium sized enterprises to use.

LoRaWAN is a protocol for long-range low power radio networks based on Semtech Corporation's LoRa (Long Range) radio modulation technique. Initially the London network will consist of 50 basestations. To build these, Digital Catapult is collaborating with British Telecom, Imperial College London, Kings College London, UCL, and Queen Mary University of London to create an IoT incubator program.

Some of the ideas proposed for the network include: using sensors to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists by telling them where not to go (very important in London); using sensors to monitor the environment; and for optimizing the flight paths of delivery drones.

The main rival to LoRaWAN is proprietary networks being rolled out globally by SigFox from France.