Use the practical layout suggestions to achieve the appropriate target impedances with your PCBs. Based on the free defined high-tech layer buildups for 4, 6 and 8 layers from Multi-CB.
Circuit Boards: Layout suggestions for impedance

Circuit Boards: Layout suggestions for impedance

The PCB supplier Multi-CB has compiled practical layout suggestions for the most common impedance applications based on its free defined high-tech layer buildups. In this way, you can approximately achieve your desired values for impedances and save the costs for an impedance control. Especially for prototypes and/or components with higher tolerances this is a favourable solution. The material used is the common FR4 - at Multi-CB even with TG150 included.
Circuit Boards: Layout suggestions for impedance

Impedance control and high frequency

Especially for fast-switching components, signal integrity must be guaranteed by excellent impedance properties of the connecting conductors. For the multilayers commonly used today, tolerances of 5% to 10% can be guaranteed by designing the layer buildup and layout.

If your application requires a fixed tolerance of 5% to 10%, it is possible to order impedance controlled from Multi-CB. Before production, your specifications and parameters are checked for feasibility using impedance software. It may be necessary to adapt your layer buildup.

For high-frequency applications, Rogers (e.g. RO4350B) or Panasonic (e.g. Megtron6) can also be used as base material.