Congatec has added a particularly powerful graphics version to its COM Express Basic Server-on-Module portfolio. The new module features the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1515M v5, fast DDR4 memory and Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics.

The GPU of the new SoC module provides 128 MB eDRAM and with 72 execution units it has three times more parallel execution power than the Skylake architecture without Iris graphics. Developers of tightly packed COM Express based system designs now have access to a new performance class that would have previously required a dedicated graphics unit.

Thanks to its performance, the new conga-TS170 Computer-on-Module will be in big demand for high-performance image processing applications in industrial and medical technology as well as industrial-grade IoT edge node servers and media servers with virtualization. For example GPGPU-based video transcoding, deep packet inspection or big data analytics.

Further application fields include industrial thin client servers with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). To manage these distributed IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 applications, the new conga-TS170 module also offers powerful server-class tools.

Thanks to Intel® vPro™ technology and congatec's board management controller with watchdog timer and power loss control, the module comes fully equipped for remote monitoring, management and maintenance tasks, right up to out-of-band management.