As announced, last week Elektor moved into its new warehouse last weekend without any problems. We worked extra hard during the weekend and since Monday the orders could be delivered from the new location without delay. We are now working with a specialized service provider that can offer us various new options that were previously not available to us.   ​

Direct advantage

One immediately noticeable advantage is that we no longer have any restrictions for the countries that were difficult to supply due to limited imports from Elektor's (previously) regular carriers. We now have a whole network of carriers at our disposal and can immeditalely restart our worldwide delivery. The restrictive measures in address intake in the shops as well as limited shipping options have therefore been lifted this week. 

The new warehouse is opened between 8:00 and 23:00 and packing and shipping takes place during all that time. The pick, pack and ship process runs throughout the day and so we will be able to deliver your order quickly to your home. 

More on the way

In the coming weeks you will notice more and more of the improvements that are being implemented in our stores. An improved return handling (RMA) and the elimination of back orders are the following wishes on our list and will not take long!