Corvina Cloud is a safe, Open VPN and SSL-based cloud solution that allows remote administration of industrial plants and equipment. Corvina Cloud serves as a platform which makes it easy for you to administer your IIoT business.

How does Corvina Cloud work?

Roles & applications:
It is possible to define different roles with different user rights. Roles can be given access rights depending on the data needed and the application.

Secure connectivity:
In its core, Corvina Cloud is a high-performance server with the latest open technologies to administer data and control flows. Thus, Corvina Cloud acts as a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Gateways & endpoints:
Our touch panels serve as gateways to the local network (HMe series, HM500 series, HM700 series). The touch panels have to be connected to a central server. All Panasonic PLCs, IP cameras, and other devices capable of connecting to the Internet can act as endpoints.