Cree squeezes >6000 lumens from 9mm LED

April 15, 2016 | 23:43
Cree squeezes  >6000 lumens from 9mm LED
Cree squeezes >6000 lumens from 9mm LED
By putting more die on the same surface and using aluminum-nitride instead of aluminum-oxide, Cree manages to increase the light output per diameter for their CXA2-LED-arrays by a factor of about two, compared to what was possible up to now. The second generation of CXA-LEDs also offers an increase of 33% in efficiency when compared to the first generation. According to Cree this could lead to a potential cost reduction of up to 60%.

The CXA2-LED-arrays have the same physical dimensions as the LEDs from the first generation, so that the layout of the PCB design does not need to be altered and the time to market can be kept as short as possible.

The new CXA2 series LEDs ranges from a 13.35×13.35mm model that has a 6 mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) with 3,600 lumens and 148 lm/W to a 34.85×34.85mm model that has a 30 mm LES with 18,000 lumens and 162 lm/W.

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