One of our newest books, Design your own Embedded Linux Control Centre on PC and Raspberry Pi, will be arriving at the Elektor warehouse soon! Today if you want to electronically control your home you have a lot of opportunities. But this book is different. This book is about a do-it-your-self system made out of re-use, simply because you have just got to do something with your old technology gathering dust and you don’t want to spend a fortune on equipment.

Hans Henrik Skovgaard’s third edition of Design Your Own Embedded Linux Control Centre on PC and Raspberry Pi is all about building your own DIY home control system, and presents two innovative ways to assemble this system — either by recycling old PC hardware or by using Raspberry Pi. This book shows how you can use Linux to link together a system consisting of a computer platform, wireless mains, a controller and a USB webcam.

By using the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with Arduino (used as an advanced I/O system board), it is possible to construct a small, compact, embedded control system offering enhanced capacity for USB integration, webcams, thermal monitoring and communication with the outside world.

This book is best suited to those who have had minimal exposure to PC hardware and software, are able to surf the Internet, burn a CD-ROM and assemble a small PCB.

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